Choosing Kite is choosing the world’s
best service in sport optics.

Kite instruments must comply with the strictest requirements and because of their premium material and manufacturing quality, the Kite binoculars and scopes are designed to last a life-time, and stay free of repairs.  Unfortunately users accidents do happen. Which to Kite, is more than normal.

The company Kite Optics is founded by birdwatchers. So Kite is very aware, that for professional birders, it is virtually impossible to keep an instrument damage-free during many years of heavy usage. The repair and warranty policy of Kite Optics are based on this knowledge, and are renowned by users all over Europe.


Due to the premium mechanical and optical characteristics of Kite instruments, we can grant our customers an extensive warranty period.

Our roof prism binoculars and scopes are covered by a 30 year warranty. Please find the exact warranty period of your instrument on the product’s specifications page. You learn more about the content of the Kite warranty in the next topic, repairs.



Warranty claim: If any fault or defect on the instrument, that is not caused by the user, should occur during the warranty period. The instrument will be repaired free of charge, including parts and workmanship cost.

Non-warranty claim: Defect or damage caused by the user.
The instrument is repaired at absolute minimum cost. The customer only pays for the workmanship cost, any needed new parts are free of charge. Of course, instruments that are damaged beyond recognition, can not be included in this service.

Small repairs, as for example the replacement of a dented eyecup, are even carried out free of charge. If you have any questions about this unique service, please feel free to contact us or one of our authorized dealers. We are happy to help you.

Instructions for repair

If your Kite instrument is in need of repair or maintenance, please take it to your authorized dealer.
Do not forget to join the warranty card, and insert a short text explaining the problem on the binoculars or scope. Once your instrument enters the Kite workshop in Belgium, it will be sent back to your dealer in excellent condition within 1-3 weeks.

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