FlatHat Collapsible Drone Pads

Collapsible Drone Pads and Lighting Kits

Improve Your Landing Skills
and Protect Your Drone

ExpoImaging like to play and make cool gear, and last year they got hooked on a new hobby, flying drones. It didn’t take long for them to realize that they could bring the same kind of creativity to designing gear for drone pilots that they brought to photographic lighting enthusiasts.

After a year of tinkering with various designs they’re proud to introduce their first products for drone enthusiasts, FlatHat Collapsible Drone Pads.

FlatHat Drone Pad

Created by ExpoImaging, FlatHat Labs develops cool gear for drone pilots. “Flat hatting” was a term coined by World War II pilots to refer to unauthorized low-level flying and stunting.  FlatHat products aim to help drone pilots have more fun while flying.  The FlatHat Collapsible Drone Pad is patent-pending.  Learn more at FlatHatLabs.com.

The new patent-pending FlatHat 32” (80 cm) Collapsible Drone Pad is constructed out of durable, heavy-duty fabric mounted to a flexible spring steel frame.  Weighing just 1lb., 2oz (500g), the 32” drone pad collapses to 1/3 of its expanded size, storing quickly in an included carry bag that fits easily into a backpack or laptop sleeve.

The 32” size is perfect for mid-size consumer drones like the DJI Phantom series, the DJI Inspire, the 3DR Solo, the Parrot Bebop and other similarly sized drones.  The drone pad’s bold landing pattern provides an easy-to-see target, and the pad can act as a designated ‘return-home’ location for drones with that capability.  Included with the 32” FlatHat Collapsible Drone Pad are 3 aluminum ground stakes which can be used to help secure the drone pad in windy conditions.

The FlatHat 16” (40cm) ¬¬Collapsible Drone Pad was designed for mini and nano sized drones.  Made from the same durable fabric and weighing just 3.5 oz. (100g), the 16” Drone Pad collapses and stores in a 6” diameter carry bag.  The bold pattern also provides a high visibility landing target, and higher visibility for smaller, hard to see drones sitting on the ground.


  • Improve your landing skills: learn to land safely and accurately
  • Protect drone sensors and camera from dust and debris
  • Provides easy-to-see landing target
  • Higher visibility for small drones on the ground
  • Made with durable, heavy-duty fabric
  • Lightweight & collapsible design


32″ Collapsible Drone Pad

  • Designed for DJI Phantom Series, 3DR Solo, Parrot Bebop and similar sized drones
  • Collapses to 12″ and includes compact carry bag
  • Includes 3x aluminum securing ground stakes
  • Weighs 14 oz (400 g)

Order Code: EXFH32

Canadian Suggested Retail Price – $49.99

16″ Collapsible Drone Pad

  • Designed for mini and nano sized drones
  • Collapses to 6″ and includes compact carry bag
  • Weighs 3.5 oz (100 g)

Order Code: EXFH16

Canadian Suggested Retail Price – $29.99


FlatHat Lighting Kits
Light Up Your Drone Pad for Low-light Flying

  • Available in Gamma Green or Ice Blue
  • For low light or night time flying
  • Illuminates edge of Collapsible Drone Pad
  • Integrated light controller allows for constant, pulse, or stroboscopic lighting effect
  • Cool to the touch
  • Water resistant
  • Requires 2x AA batteries (not included)

Order Code Ice Blue: EXFHB

Order Code Gamma Green: EXFHG

Canadian Suggested Retail Price each – $29.99


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