Novagrade Phone Digiscoping Adapters


Phone Digiscoping Adapters

All Novagrade digiscoping adapters utilize our patent pending compression ring technology to ensure a perfectly centered image on your spotting scope, telesope or binoculars eyepiece. Once adjusted for your eyepiece, all it takes is a quick twiste to make a strong, mar-free connection to your eyepiece.

Standard Phone Adapter

Compact Phone Adapter

phone-standard-digiscoping-adapter-iso-1024x768-300x225Designed for ultimate adjustability, the Standard Adapter can be quickly adjusted to fit any phone (even the iPhone 6 Plus!) with just the turn of a knob. It doesn’t get any easier.Read what the Wild Tamworth blog has to say about the Novagrade Standard Adapter.BuyNowRedButton_small-01 compact-phone-digiscoping-adapter-300x230If small size and light weight is critical, you may be interested in the Novagrade Compact Digiscoping Adapter.As most customers prefer the Standard Phone Adapter, we suggest you review the comparison table before purchasing the Compact Phone Adapter.BuyNowRedButton_small-01


Preference Standard Compact
Easily share with your friends in the field
Ultra-adjustable grippers fit any phone without touching phone buttons
Ability to use with larger phones and phablets like the iPhone 6+
Easy adjustment to a variety of phone sizes, with and without a case.
Adjustable height for curved phones or cases
Replaceable grippers to fit most phones Not required
Secure compression ring mounting system for attaching to the eyepiece
Fits any eyepiece diameters from 39mm to 60.75mm (1.5in to 2.4in)
Attach and detach with ease
Patent pending technology
Smallest size and weight


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