Novoflex: Adapters


NOVOFLEX offers a large variety of high precise fine mechanic adapters to connect lenses and cameras of different manufacturers. With all adapters and/or adapter combinations infinity adjustment of the lens is possible. None of the adapters will transfer any function from the camera body to the lens. With almost all cameras automatic exposure metering (stop-down metering/aperture priority) is possible.

MFTcombinations NX_NIK
Adapters for Micro 4/3 Cameras Adapters for Sony NEX Cameras
Adapters for Samsung NX Cameras Adapters for Nikon 1 Cameras
Adapters for Fuji X Cameras Adapters for Pentax Q Cameras
Adapters for Canon EOSM Cameras Adapters for 4/3 Cameras
Adapters for Canon EOS Cameras Adapters for Leica 39 Thread Body
Adapters for Leica M body Adapters for Canon XL Camera
Adapters for other 35mm/DSLR Adapters for Medium Format

HINT – The first time someone is working with one of these adapters it may be necessary to go into the camera’s main settings, to the feature ‘SHOOT WITH LENS OFF’ – And this needs to be set to the ON or YES setting.

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