Novoflex: Ball Heads


Ball Heads

The NOVOFLEX ball heads are characterized by a variety of innovative features that make them an indispensable tool for any photographer. Non-slipping, grease-free balls, reproducible friction settings, exact adjustment possibilities are just some of the ingenious functions.

NOVOFLEX ball-heads are tools that motivate, which stimulate creativity, a pleasure when taken into their hands and are more than a means to an end for their owners. They give the owner the certainty of having chosen the best possible.

NX202 MB MagicBall   MB BuyNowRedButton_small-01
NX201 MB 50 MagicBall 50  MB 50 BuyNowRedButton_small-01
NX200 MB MINI MagicBall Mini  MB MINI BuyNowRedButton_small-01
NX205 MB-GRIFF Large handle for MB or MB 50  MB-GRIFF BuyNowRedButton_small-01
NX204 MBAL MagicBalance  MBAL BuyNowRedButton_small-01
NX983 BALL 19 Ball head BALL 19 with plate  BALL 19 BuyNowRedButton_small-01
NX984 BALL 19 P Ball head BALL 19 with plate and panning function  BALL 19P BuyNowRedButton_small-01
NX216 BALL 30 Ball head BALL 30  BALL 30 and BALL 40 BuyNowRedButton_small-01
NX217 BALL 40 Ball head BALL 40  BALL 30 and BALL 40 BuyNowRedButton_small-01
NX218 BALL NQ Ball head NQ with quick release and bubble leveller  BALL NQ BuyNowRedButton_small-01
NX212 CB3 II ClassicBall 3, Version II  CB3 II_02 BuyNowRedButton_small-01
NX2007 CB5 II Ball head ClassicBall 5ii  CB5 BuyNowRedButton_small-01
NX250 M-NEIGER Small ball head with flash shoe BuyNowRedButton_small-01
NX213 MONO One way tilt head MonoLite MONO BuyNowRedButton_small-01
NX214 MONO Q One way tilt head MonoLite w/ Q=MOUNT quick release MONO-Q BuyNowRedButton_small-01
NX210 D IN O silber Video head DinO silver colour finish D IN O silber BuyNowRedButton_small-01
NX215 D IN O titan Video head DinO titanium colour finish D IN O titan

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