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FlashBender v3

Why v3?

FlashBenders are the ultimate light modifier for location photographers who want to pack and travel light.  FlashBenders pack flat and their 'shapeability' offers unparalleled versatility to control and diffuse light.  The new v3 designs attach faster, shape light better, fit more flashes, and grip your flash even better.


Improved 'Shapeability' (New in v3)


A new internal mesh allows FlashBenders v3 to bend and hold their shape even better for easier creative lighting control.


Quick-release buckle attaches faster

(New in v3)


The new FlashBender v3 attachment strap incorporates a quick-release buckle to make attaching and removing them even faster.

Adjustable strap fits more flashes (New in v3)


The new FlashBender v3 attachment strap can be adjusted to fit flashes from 6.75" to 17" circumference. It will fit everything from small mirrorless flashes to large strobes, and everything in-between, including round-head flashes.

The new FlashBender v3 attachment strap incorporates a quick-release buckle to make attaching and removing them even faster.


Grippier attachment strap (New in v3)


FlashBender v3 incorporates a textured neoprene lining in the attachment strap that grips flash heads even better. Once attached to your flash it will stay put.



pack flat


FlashBenders fold flat and can easily slide into a laptop slot or sit on top of other gear in a bag. FlashBenders are the ultimate “there when you need it” light modifier because they can stay in your bag without taking up significant space. 



are versatile


Photographers packing and traveling light will be hard pressed to find anything as versatile as FlashBender v3 light modifiers. A single FlashBender can act as a reflector, gobo, snoot or low-profile soft box using a Rogue Diffusion Panel v3, included as part of the FlashBender v3 soft box kits.

Choose Your FlashBender v3

FlashBender v3 light modifiers are available in 3 sizes for on-camera or off-camera product or portrait photography.  Choose the Small Reflector or Small Soft Box Kit for on-camera flash, the Large Reflector or Large Soft Box Kit for on-camera or off-camera flash, or the XL Pro for use off-camera on light stands or booms.

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