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Lens Adapters
The Precision of Choice

One basic idea behind all the product developments at NOVOFLEX is to eliminate the restrictions imposed by camera systems and to make it easier for their users to access the extended world of photography. The idea is to create a cross-brand system that allows the individual components of all the different systems to be combined. This is particularly true for lens adapter rings which enable photographers to integrate any brand of lens into their camera system.

NOVOFLEX lens adapter rings allow lens to be interchanged within different camera systems. Medium format lenses can be used on full-frame cameras and the lenses from the latter can in turn be used on system cameras. This adaptability has even more advantages as it makes it easier to change over to other systems as existing lenses can continue to be used. It also gives those old high-precision lenses a new leash of life and it extends every brand's range of lenses to include specialist lenses made by third parties. NOVOFLEX has one of the most comprehensive ranges of high-precision adapters to fit practically every camera and interchangeable lens system. The adapter finder on our website helps photographers find the right adapter for the desired camera/lens combination.

NOVOFLEX lens adapters are high-precision components to connect the lens and camera bayonets used in different systems. They bring together parts that were originally not meant for one another. They increase the lifespan of lenses, thus making it easier to upgrade from one camera generation to the next or to change to a different camera system. They offer photographers greater flexibility in their choice of lenses and allow the use of lenses belonging to camera systems that have long disappeared off the market. NOVOFLEX lens adapters increase freedom of choice and increase creative possibilities by eliminating existing compatibility restrictions.

Why adapt lenses?
  • Current mirrorless systems
    are missing a complete range of lenses

  • Older lenses often surpass today’s mass production lenses in terms of image quality and optical performance

  • Camera-/lens manufacturers do not offer digital camera bodies for older systems such as Leica R, etc.

  • Lenses can be reused when switching to newer camera systems

Compatibility Chart


Novoflex make a variety of high-quality lens adapters for various camera makes and models.  Please refer to the table below for available options.

Why are not all camera /lens combinations possible?


Technically speaking only certain combinations are possible due to the so called flange focal length. The flange focal length is the distance between the film/sensor plane and the cameras bayonet mount. The flange focal length is determined by the camera manufac- turer and has to be as exact as possible to allow focusing to infinity. Therefore only a lens whose flange focal length is at least 2mm thicker than that of the camera system can be adapted. The resulting distance is then compensated by the NOVOFLEX adapter. With nearly all adaptions automatic exposure metering (aperture priority mode) is possible.

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