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KSP HD stands for optical and mechanical perfection. The best scope in the KITE product range and one of the very best premium spotting scopes in the world.   Top end performance is what you may expect from the KSP 80 HD. Partly due to the quality of its high definition lens, the produced image is extremely rich in contrast, briliant in colour and razor sharp. The high light-transmission contributes to an optimal image from dawn to dusk. The true-to-life colour rendering and overall image sharpness, that are on top of every user’s wish list, are without any doubt the strongest characteristics of the KSP 80 HD. Sharpness is there from center to edge, making sure nothing slips your sight within the large field of view of the 25-50x wide-angle zoom eyepiece. Thanks to this wide angle zoom eyepiece, you no longer have to choose between the traditional wide-angle or zoom eyepiece… As this eyepiece offers the best from both worlds with a magnification from 25x till 50x combined with a field of view from 39.5 till 28 meters.


SPECIAL ORDER - Expect 4-6 weeks for delivery
  • The image quality remains impressive with each magnification, making this eyepiece rapidly indispensable to its user.   For the overall construction and ergonomic design, Kite has drawn ideas from their long time expertize in birdwatching. A most appreciated innovation on the KSP scopes is the focus wheel. Extremely fast and precise. The unique internal mechanism allows the user to go from close focus ( just 3.7 meters) to infinity in record time. The overall construction of the KSP scopes is designed to meet the 30 year warranty and even more than that. 

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