The Rogue FlashBender 2 soft box makes a beautiful main light for portraiture because it softens light while reducing contrast and specular highlights.  When configured as a soft box the light becomes more directional than the base reflector alone, effectively eliminating bounced and reflected light.


The versatile FlashBender 2 Large Reflector is adaptable for use with on-camera or off-camera flash. It can be used as a bounce flash reflector, gobo, or snoot to soften, shape and control your main, background, hair, rim, or accent lights.


The Large Silver/Black Attachment is reversible.  With the silver side facing out, the attachment produces a higher contrast, more reflective surface than the Large Reflector's white surface. The less-reflective black side acts as a large flag, creating a hard edge with more dramatic shadows.

Rogue FB 2 - LARGE Soft Box Kit

C$95.99 Regular Price
C$85.99Sale Price
    • Makes a soft box, bounce flash reflector, gobo, or snoot
    • Packs flat / great for travel
    • Attaches quickly & securely 
    • Adjustable to fit all popular brands of accessory flash
    • For on-camera or off-camera flash
    • Size:  10.5" x 11" (254mm x 288mm)
    • Total Kit Weight:  8.8 oz (250g)
  • 1x Rogue FlashBender 2 LARGE Reflector
    1x Diffusion Panel LARGE
    1x Silver / Black Attachment LARGE

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