With the rise of mirrorless cameras are, of course, more compact speedlights for on-the-go portable photography. Rogue has designed the FlashBender 2 Mirrorless Soft Box Kit to fit those smaller flash heads designed for mirrorless cameras.

The FlashBender 2 Mirrorless Soft Box Kit includes both the FlashBender Micro Reflector and diffusion panel. The special integrated attachment belt is designed to fit flash heads between 6.5"-7.5" in circumference like the Nissin i40, Olympus FL 600R, Nikon SB-500, and many others!


When used with on-camera flash the FlashBender 2 Micro Reflector creates a larger, softer light source than the bare flash and allows directed bounce off ceilings or walls.  Off-camera it can be used to shape and control your main, background, hair, rim, or accent lights.


When you attach the Micro Diffusion Panel, the Rogue FlashBender 2 Mirrorless Soft Box softens light while reducing contrast and specular highlights.

Rogue FB 2 - Mirrorless Soft Box Kit

C$73.99 Regular Price
C$62.89Sale Price
    • Fits Nikon SB-500, Nissin i40, and Olympus FL-600R flashes
    • Fits flashes with a head circumference of 6.25" - 7.25"
    • Makes a soft box, bounce flash reflector or snoot
    • Attaches quickly & securely 
    • Packs flat / great for travel
    • Size:  8" x 9.5" (205mm x 240mm)
    • Reflective surface are of 7" x 7"
    • Total Kit Weight:  4.2 oz (119g)
  • Rogue FlashBender 2 Micro Reflector
    Rogue Micro Diffusion Panel

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