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Use Rogue Round Flash Light Modifiers on Your Speedlight Flashes


Rogue Flash Adapter:  The Rogue Flash Adapter’s stretchy silicone mount quickly attaches to a rectangular speedlight flash and incorporates a metal ring mount for attaching magnetic round flash modifier components.


Modular Magnetic Light Modifier System:  The Rogue Flash Adapter is one component of the modular Rogue Round Flash Magnetic Light Modifier system for camera flashes, including: Rogue Flash Diffuser Dome, Rogue Flash Grid 45, Rogue Flash Gel Lens, Rogue PF Adapter, and Rogue Round Flash Gel Kits (Ultimate Portrait Kit and Color Correction Kit).


Rugged and Durable:  The Rogue Flash Adapter is designed to withstand the rigors of professional event photography.  It is made from durable silicone rubber, high impact polycarbonate, and a plated steel ring.


Flash Compatibility (Size: Standard):  The Rogue Flash Adapter (Standard) fits almost all professional size rectangular speedlight flashes, including:  Godox (TT685, V860), Canon (580EX, 600EX), Nikon (SB700, SB910), Nissin Di700A, Sony (F45, F60), and other similar sized flashes.  It does not fit the Canon EL1, which is too large. 


The Rogue Flash Adapter Standard is Not Compatible with Small Flashes: The Rogue Flash Adapter (Size: Standard) is not compatible with the Godox TT350, Nikon (SB600, SB800), Nissin (i40, i60A), Sony F32, and other similarly sized small flashes.  For small flashes, get the Rogue Flash Adapter (Size: Small) (sold separately): The Rogue Flash Adapter (Small) fits smaller speedlight flashes including:  Godox TT350, Canon 430EX, Nikon (SB600, SB800), Nissin (i40, i60A), Sony F32, and other similarly sized small flashes.

Rogue Flash Adapter Standard

SPECIAL ORDER - Expect 4-6 weeks for delivery
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