The new FlashBender 2 - XL Pro Super Soft Silver Reflector incorporates Rogue's custom Super Soft Silver fabric to provide more punch than white fabric while avoiding the harsh highlights of shiny silver fabrics. 

This Special Edition FlashBender was created in conjunction with renowned fashion photographer Frank Doorhof (


For those of you who already own a FlashBender XL Pro Reflector, this new design works with all of the original FlashBender XL Pro attachments.  

Rogue FlashBender 2- XL Pro Silver Reflector

C$88.99 Regular Price
C$75.64Sale Price
    • Packs Flat
    • For Off-Camera Flash
    • Bend to Shape Light
    • Bright Medium Contrast
    • Works with XL Pro Lighting System Attachments
    • Size 13" x 16" (33cm x 41cm)
    • Weight 9.6oz (272g)

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