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The FlashBender v3 Large Reflector is better than a simple flash diffuser.


FlashBender v3 Large Reflector Features:

  • new v3 improved shapeability holds its position
  • new v3 grippier attachment strap stays put
  • new v3 securely fits all flashes (6.75" to 17" circumference)
  • new v3 attaches faster with quick release buckle
  • packs flat (folds in half to stow away)
  • better bounce flash control inside or outside
  • size 10.5 x 11" (254mm x 288mm)
  • weight 6oz (170g)


FlashBender v3 Design Attaches to These Flashes and More:

  • Canon:  430EX, 470EX, 580EX, 600EX
  • Godox:  TT350, TT685, V860, AD200, V1
  • Nikon:  SB500, SB600, SB700, SB800, SB900, SB5000
  • Nissin:  i40, i400, i600, i60A, Di700A, MG80, MG10
  • Olympus:  FL-600R, FL-700WR, FL-900R
  • Profoto:  A1, A1X
  • Sony:  HVL-F32M, HVL-F45RM, HVL-F60RM


What's new in the v3 FlashBender?

We upgraded the attachment strap to include a grippier material that helps the FlashBender to stay put when attached to your flash.  We upgraded the FlashBender's 'shapeability' by incorporating a new mesh material into the fabric.  The new quick release buckle is faster to use, and the new attachment strap design can be adjusted to fit a wider range of flashes with circumference measurements of 6.75" to 17" (see above).  Finally, we modified the hook and loop on the FlashBender v3 to make it easier to stow away in your bag.


Please note that the hook and loop modifications on the FlashBender v3 reflectors and Diffusion Panels v3 make the new designs incompatible with previous versions of the Rogue Diffusion Panels.  To convert the FlashBender v3 Large Reflector to a Large Soft Box you will need to use the Rogue Diffusion Panel v3, which is included in the FlashBender v3 Large Soft Box Kit.

Rogue FlashBender v3 Large Reflector

SKU: exlarge3
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