Now large enough to hold your DSLR batteries!


Tired of wasting time searching for charged batteries?  Organize your rechargeable batteries with the Indicator Battery Pouch.  This durable fabric pouch provides a simple way to help manage and carry charged and depleted batteries.


Holds multiple sized batteries:

    • 2x DSLR batteries
    • 2x Mirrorless camera batteries
    • 8x AA sized batteries
    • 12x AAA sized batteries
    • 4x 9V sized batteries
    • Batteries not included


Use the Indicator's reversible red and green plastic inserts to quickly show whether your rechargeable batteries are charged or depleted. Adjustable hook & loop straps on the back and a hanger-loop make the Indicator Battery Pouch ideal for use in the field or in the home.


  • Includes reversible green/red charge indicator cards
  • Hang from a stand or from your belt with adjustable straps
  • Heavy duty fabric pouch

Rogue Indicator Battery Pouch v2