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Use Rogue Round Flash Gels with Round Flashes or Rectangular (Speedlight) Flashes

CONTENTS: 20 gel colors (1x each color), storage pouch, quick reference guide

Ultimate Portrait Collection:  Includes 20 Gel Colors to enhance your portrait photography (1x each color) with multiple shades of brilliant blues, greens, purples, lavenders, pinks, reds, oranges, and yellows. There are no correction gels in this collection.


Using Color Gels for Portrait Photography.  Colored lighting filters, or gels, are often used on accent or background lights to enhance an image with sometimes soft, or vibrant colors. For example, attach a Silky Lilac gel to your rim light, Blue Steel gel to your fill light, or Olallieberry Purple Pie gel to your gridded background light to enhance your image with playful colors, mood or drama.

Printed Gels Are Easy-to-Use:  Rogue Flash Gels are easy to identify and easy-to-use with the color and f/stop loss values printed on each gel. All lighting filters absorb light, and the f/stop loss tells you exactly how much light is absorbed by a particular filter. The f/stop loss values printed on our Rogue Gels were measured with a light meter in a controlled test. These values compare the metered exposure of the bare flash with the metered exposure of the flash with the Rogue Gels attached.


Lightweight and Durable:  We make our Rogue Flash Gels from LEE Filters UK materials. They are made from a tough polyester film that will not tear, and they are so lightweight that you can easily slide the entire collection into your shirt pocket.


Use with Rogue Flash Magnetic Light Modifiers:  Using Rogue Gels requires 2 Rogue light modifiers (sold separately). To add color to your image simply place a Rogue Flash Gel between any two stackable magnetic modifiers (Rogue Flash Gel Lens, Rogue Flash Grid 45, or Rogue Flash Diffuser Dome).

Round Flash Compatibility:  Rogue Round Flash Gels have a maximum diameter of 71.5mm that fits other round flash modifier systems. Rogue Round Flash Gels are compatible with Godox (V1, R100, and HR200 head for AD200), Geekoto (GT 250, GTR), Westcott FJ80 flashes and their light modifier systems. Using Rogue Round Flash Gels with Profoto flashes (A1, A1x, and A10) also requires the Rogue PF Adapter and Rogue Gel Lens (sold separately).


Rectangular Flash Compatibility:  Rogue Round Flash Gels can also be used with rectangular speedlight flashes when combined with the Rogue Flash Adapter (Standard or Small) and Rogue Round Flash magnetic modifiers (sold separately).


What is a Rogue Flash Gel?  Professional photographic gels, or lighting filters are are made from specially dyed polyester films designed to transmit a specific quantity and color of light. Rogue Flash Gels are manufactured from a curated collection of professional lighting filter material that we process into kits specially designed for use in portrait photography with round flashes and rectangular speedlight flashes.

Rogue Round Flash 20 Gel Kit - Ultimate Portrait Collection

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