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The Small Diffusion Panel converts the FlashBender Small Reflector (sold separately) into a lightweight, low profile soft box for use with on-camera accessory flash.  

The Small Diffusion Panel attaches quickly to the FlashBender Small Reflector using hook-and-loop sewn along the edges of each panel.

Attaching the Small Diffusion Panel to the FlashBender 2 Small Reflector will reduce your exposure by approximately 1 f/stop compared to the FlashBender 2 Small Reflector without the Diffusion Panel.

Rogue SMALL Diffusion Panel

    • Attaches Quickly to FlashBender SMALL Reflector (sold separately)
    • Transforms FlashBender SMALL Reflector into a soft box
    • Packs Flat / Great for Travel
    • Size:  9" x 4.5" (229mm x 114mm)
    • Weight:  1.5 oz (45g)
  • 1x Diffusion Panel SMALL