Adapter Canon EF-lenses to Leica SL cameras

-Precision made lens adapter
-exact compensation of the flange focal length differences of both mounts

The following functions are supported:

-Autofocus in AFs mode
-Aperture control
-AF/MF mode
-DOF Indicator (MF) -
-EXIF Data for aperture, focal length

Not supported, a possible image stabilization of the Canon EF lens and the AFc mode!

The following original Canon EF-lenses were successfully tested with the adapter. The information on these lenses are also transferred to the EXIF ​​data by the camera.


EF 1,2/50
EF 1,2/85
EF 1,4/24
EF 1,4/35
EF 1,8/28
EF 1,8/85
EF 1,8/200
EF 2,0/35
EF 2,0/135
EF 2,8/14
EF 2,8/16-35
EF 2,8/24-70
EF 2,8/70-200
EF 2,8/100
EF 2,8/300
EF 2,8/400
EF 4,0/11-24
EF 4,0/17-40
EF 4,0/24-105
EF 4,0/70-200
Konverter 1,4x III
Konverter 2,0x III
TSE 2,8/45
TSE 2,8/90
TSE 3,5/24
TSE 4,0/17


Third party EF-lenses from Sigma, Tamron and Zeiss   also work. However, proper operation and availability of all functions can not be guaranteed. [Nbsp]

A matching adapter collar is available under the order code ASTAT-CN.

Please note that some of the accessories shown in our application examples   are for illustration purposes only  . Cameras, lenses, etc. are not included in the scope of delivery.

SL/EOS - Canon EF Lenses to Leica SL Cameras

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