The smart way to trigger your camera using light, sound and motion! An unique motion capture system that is affordable! The TriggerSmart is designed to easily capture images using many different ways to trigger a camera – Sound, Light Intensity Increase, Infra-Red Beam Breaking and Movement. A great variety of stills and video cameras can be used, digital as well as film based cameras.

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TriggerSmart Kit
Contains the MCT-1 Controller, IR/LIS Receiver, IR Transmitter & Sound Sensor, two Mini Tripods, two control cables, one trigger cable and 2 degree baffle.
The MCT-1 Control Unittrigger-kit
The heart of the system. It connects to all sensors and cameras, allows fine tuning of trigger delay, sensitivity and shooting sequence. Battery or mains powered.
IR Receiver or Light Intensity Sensor
Infra- Red Receiver or Light Intensity Sensor. (Incl. two degree baffle.)
Infra-Red Transmitter & Sound Sensor
Transmits an IR light beam or reacts to a sudden increase in sound.

Kit Order Code MCT-1

TRIGGER TIME: (1/1000 sec.) to 100ms (1/10 sec.)Drop1
DELAY TIME: Selectable for 5ms (1/200 sec.) to 5 seconds Short delay 1ms Long delay 1000ms (1/10 sec.) to 10 seconds.
TRIGGER MODES: Manual, auto 1 shot, auto re-arm.
FOCUS ACTIVATION: Manual activation.
SENSOR MODES: Flash, infra-red beam, sound.
IR BEAM: Range 20cm to 2m. Wavelength 850 nm.8 degrees or 2 degrees with focal baffle.
FLASH SENSOR: Range 1 to 1500 lumens. Sensitivity 10 lumens.
SOUND RESPONSE: Microphone sensitivity frequency response 50splash to 5000 Hz.
TRIGGER OUTPUTS: x3 open collector (x2 trigger, x1 focus). 50 v DC max at 100 milliamps.
POWER REQUIREMENTS: x4 AA batteries, high power type, non-rechargeable – AC to low voltage PSU 6 to 9 VDC at 100 milliamps. MP1 Mains power unit recommended.
POWER CONSUMPTION: About 40 milliamps. When IR TX module is connected this rises to 80 milliamps.
SIZE: Controller – (W)19cm x (D)14cm x (H)5cm Sensors – (W)7.5cm x (D)5cm x (H)2.6cm.
SENSOR MOUNTING: 1/4 inch UNC thread (standard tripod thread).
MINI TRIPOD HEIGHT: 8 cm min. 17 cm max.
WEIGHT: MCT-1 Controller 325g. Sensors 43g. Tripods 33g. Kit 950g.
TEMPERATURE: 0 to 35 degrees C (operating). -10 to 50 degrees C (non- operating).
SHOCK: 10 Newtons.

Product Code Description
TSMCT-1 Trigger Smart Kit, includes: 1 x Controller, 1 x IR/LIS receiver, 1 x IR transmitter & sound sensor, 1 x 3 m cable, 1 x 5 m cable, 1 x 3 m camera connection cable, 2 x mini tripod, 1 x two degree baffle and instruction booklet
TSWL-1 Wildlife Kit, includes IR transmitter, IR Receiver, two Stakepods, two weather resistant covers, alignment aid and cable anchors
TSTS-1 Tilt Sensor, triggers camera when tilted by more than 5 degree (can be fine-tuned to be more sensitive)
TSIRTXB-1 IR transmitter , battery powered
TSIRRX-1 IR transmitter & Sound Sensor (as supplied in TSMCT-1 Kit)
TSIRTX-1 IR Receiver & Light Sensor (as supplied in TSMCT-1 kit)
TSIRTX-1WL IR transmitter, IR only (as supplied in TSWL-1 Kit)
TSIRRX-1WL IR receiver, IR only (as supplied in TSWL-1 Kit)
TSAS-1 Alignment Aid for IR beam
TSST-1 Stake Pod, ground-spike with ¼ thread
TSCA-1 Cable Anchor, pair off
TSWP-1 Weather Proof Protectors, Set of two for all sensor units
TSMP-1 AC power supply for MCT-1 controller 100-240V
TSCT-1 5 M camera trigger extension cable, 2.5mm
TSCS-1 5 m sensor cable. 3.5mm (as supplied in Kit)
TSCU-1 2 m sensor cable, 3.5 mm
TSCW-1 3 m camera trigger cable, 2.5 mm (as supplied in Kit)
TSCX-1 3 m sensor cable, 3.5 mm (as supplied in Kit)
TSMCTSPARE Spare Controller MCT-1
TSTRI-1 Mini Tripod
TSBAF-1 Spare focus baffle 2 degree
Camera cables and adaptors
TCF00970 Now includes TSJX-25 JoinerFor Canon EOS 30/33/50/60D/300/300D/DIGITAL REBEL/350D (XT)/400D (XTi)/450D (XSi)/500D (T1)/550D (T2i)/ CONTAX N/645 PENTAX K110D/K200D/K10D/K20D/*istDS/DS2/DL/D SAMSUNG GX-1S/GX-1L/GX-10/GX-20
TCF00971 Now includes TSJX-25 Joinerfor Canon EOS 1V, 3, 1D, 1Ds, 1Ds Mark II, 1D Mark II, 1Ds Mark III, 1D Mark IV, 10D, 20D, 30D, 40D, 50D, 5D, 5D Mark II, 7D
TCF00972 Now includes TSJX-25 Joinerfor Nikon D70s, D80
TCF00973 Now includes TSJX-25 Joinerfor Nikon N90s, F5, F6, F100, F90X, D1, D1H, D1X, D2, D3, D2Hs, D2X, D2Xs, D200, D300, D700 Kodak DSC-14N Fuji S3 Pro, S5 Pro
TCF00974 Now includes TSJX-25 Joinerfor Nikon D90, D5000, D7000
TCF00975 Now includes TSJX-25 Joinerfor Sony A100, A200, A300, A350, A700, A900 and Minolta Dynax 7D, 5D, 9, 7, 5, 4, 3, 807si, 800si, 700si, 600si, 505si
TCF00976 Now includes TSJX-25 Joinerfor Olympus E520, E510, E420, E410, E400, SP-570 UZ, SP-560UZ, SP-550 UZ, SP-510 UZ
TSJX-25 2.5 mm joiner (to join 2 x 2.5 mm male jacks)
TSJX-35 3.5 mm joiner (to join 2 x 3.5 mm male jacks
TSAD-25 3.5 mm to 2.5 mm adapter (to join one 3.5 mm and one 2.5 mm male jacks)

* All the adapters starting with the code TCF are not actually made by TriggerSmart but come from third parties. They may be available through different sources but we do endeavour to keep popular ones available through Red Raven.

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