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Bend Light to Your Will

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Award Winning Products


Created by ExpoImaging (inventors of the ExpoDisc), Rogue Photographic Design is a line of innovative lighting equipment for small strobe lighting enthusiasts.  These versatile lighting tools provide photographers with remarkable power to control the light from their shoe mount flashes.  Rogue products are designed to be as durable, portable and multi-purpose as possible.


Rogue Round Flash Magnetic Modifiers


Rogue Round Flash Magnetic Modifiers snap directly to round flashes without any additional mount or to rectangular flashes via the Rogue Flash Adapter. Quickly and securely stack multiple grids, gels or a dome diffuser to your flash. Everything is small, light, and durable.

Magnetic Modifiers

Attaches Directly to Round Flashes

Say goodbye to heavy light modifiers.  The Rogue Flash Diffuser Dome attaches directly to your favorite round flash and weighs just 2oz (60g). The soft white silicone dome also collapses for easy storage.


Use Rogue Round Flash Modifiers with Rectangular Flashes

Simply attach the Rogue Flash Adapter to your speedlight to use our round light modifiers.  The adapter is made from durable silicone rubber, high impact polycarbonate, and a metal mounting ring.


Rogue Flash Gels Are Lightweight and Easy to Use

We make Rogue Gels from a tough polyester film from LEE Filters that will not tear, and we print the colour and f/stop loss values on each gel.  Each 20 gel collection weighs just 1oz and easily fits in your shirt pocket.


Magnets Won't Fall Out

Unlike other magnetic modifiers, our unique design safely captures the neodymium magnets to prevent their escape. Our components are made from high impact materials that will not chip or break.


Rogue Flash Diffuser Dome


Rogue Round Flash Kit


Rogue Round Flash Kit + Rogue Flash Adapter Standard


Rogue Round Flash Kit + Rogue Flash Adapter Small


Rogue Flash Grid 45


Rogue Round Flash 20 Gel Kit

Ultimate Portrait Collection


Rogue Flash Adapter Standard


Rogue Flash Adapter Small


Rogue Flash Gel Lens


Rogue Round Flash 20 Gel Kit

Colour Correction Collection


Rogue PF Adapter

Images © Anthem in Art

Flashbender 3
Bend Light to Your Will.

Flashbender 3

Why v3?

FlashBenders are the ultimate light modifier for location photographers who want to pack and travel light.  FlashBenders pack flat and their 'shapeability' offers unparalleled versatility to control and diffuse light.  The new v3 designs attach faster, shape light better, fit more flashes, and grip your flash even better.


Improved 'Shapeability' (New in v3)


A new internal mesh allows FlashBenders v3 to bend and hold their shape even better for easier creative lighting control.


Quick-release buckle attaches faster

(New in v3)


The new FlashBender v3 attachment strap incorporates a quick-release buckle to make attaching and removing them even faster.

Adjustable strap fits more flashes (New in v3)


The new FlashBender v3 attachment strap can be adjusted to fit flashes from 6.75" to 17" circumference. It will fit everything from small mirrorless flashes to large strobes, and everything in-between, including round-head flashes.

The new FlashBender v3 attachment strap incorporates a quick-release buckle to make attaching and removing them even faster.


Grippier attachment strap (New in v3)


FlashBender v3 incorporates a textured neoprene lining in the attachment strap that grips flash heads even better. Once attached to your flash it will stay put.



pack flat


FlashBenders fold flat and can easily slide into a laptop slot or sit on top of other gear in a bag. FlashBenders are the ultimate “there when you need it” light modifier because they can stay in your bag without taking up significant space. 



are versatile


Photographers packing and traveling light will be hard pressed to find anything as versatile as FlashBender v3 light modifiers. A single FlashBender can act as a reflector, gobo, snoot or low-profile soft box using a Rogue Diffusion Panel v3, included as part of the FlashBender v3 soft box kits.

FlashBender v3 light modifiers are available in 3 sizes for on-camera or off-camera product or portrait photography.  Choose the Small Reflector or Small Soft Box Kit for on-camera flash, the Large Reflector or Large Soft Box Kit for on-camera or off-camera flash, or the XL Pro for use off-camera on light stands or booms.



Our travel friendly photographic umbrellas are durable and easy-to-use.  Their short length and durable fiberglass rods make them perfectly suited for travel because you can safely pack them into post carry-on luggage without damaging the rods.

  • Flexible figerglass rods are durable and will not crimp

  • Heavy duty metal locking mechanism

  • 38" white umbrella is 23.5" long when closed

  • 32" shoot through umbrella is 20" long when closed


Rogue 38" Umbrella (White) with Diffuser


The 38" white umbrella is a snap to setup, and is ideal for use when lighting subjects for half or full length portraits.  If desired, you can also cover the front of the umbrella with the included natural white diffuser to make an even softer light with a wider dispersion.

Rogue 32"Shoot Through Umbrella

The Rogue 32" Shoot Thru Umbrella is just 20" long when folded closed and easily fits in your carry-on luggage.  The translucent white shoot thru umbrella can be used on your main light, or on your secondary light to create a soft fill light, rim light, or background light.

Rogue Umbrella Travel Kit


Are you tired of having to replace your umbrellas every time you crimp one of the thin metal rods?  Our durable photographic umbrellas will hold up to the demands of travel and working on location because they're made with flexible fiberglass rods that won't crimp or break.

Contents: (1) 38" white umbrella, (1) natural white diffuser for 38" umbrella, (1) 32" translucent white shoot thru umbrella, (1) 24" travel bag.  Does NOT include flash, light strand, or umbrella bracket.


Attaching the Diffuser

It's easy to attach the diffuser to the front of the 38" umbrella. Just place the closed umbrella through the hole in the center of the diffuser, and then open the umbrella.

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