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Adapter Minolta AF/Sony Alpha SLR/SLT-lenses to Nikon Z-Mount cameras

-Precision made lens adapter

-exact compensation of the flange focal length difference of the two mounts

-connected lenses can be manually focused up to infinity

-no information transmission between the lens and the camera

-Exposure metering in aperture priority mode or manually


The adapter allows you to connect Minolta AF and Sony Alpha SLR / SLT lenses alike. Autofocus is not available!

Lenses without their own aperture ring can be stopped down steplessly by means of the blue ring. However, no aperture value can be selected specifically.

NIKZ/MIN-AF Adapter Sony Alpha / Minolta AF lenses to Nikon Z cameras

SKU: NX8132
C$345.00 Regular Price
C$230.00Sale Price
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