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Why should I use cine filters to tell my story?

Every film project is unique – and so is yours. That is why we are continuously working on a broad and yet specialized cine filter portfolio to support you and your crew on set. It does not matter, whether you are in it for practical reasons or creative effects – we want to contribute our part to your story.

Save money, time – and equipment
Tight schedule, tight budget. These are the challenges for every cinematographer. Cine Filters help you to control the image directly on set and while shooting. No need for time-consuming and costly corrections in post-production. 

Transport emotions
Today’s cameras provide you with ultra sharp, high-res images. That is great, but not exactly what we would call a “pleasant filmic look”. Diffusion Filters like our top seller Hollywood Black Magic® softens those shots, smoothen fine details and add a subtle glow to highlights without sacrificing the overall sharpness of the image. 

Create special effects
“Filmic look – nice – but I am looking for a bit more...” Well, what about some surprising and yet controllable effects? Creative cine filters like the award-winning True-Streak® series create unique effects that capture and guide the eyes of your audience.

Diffusion Filters

DFF Anchor

Hollywood Black Magic®

  • Constant smooth halation at all diffusion strengths

  • Creates a filmic look by adding a subtle glow to highlights

  • Maintains rich blacks and colors. 

  • Smoothens digital look of high-res images


  • Available in five strengths (1/8, 1/4. 1/2, 1 and 2)

  • Available in round screw-in mounts 77mm & 82mm


Black Frost®

  • Reduces contrast for a soft overall image

  • Maintains control over flares and shadows

  • Retains rich blacks

  • Mutes colors


  • Available in four strengths (1/8, 1/4. 1/2, and 1)

  • Available in round screw-in mounts 77mm & 82mm

Why use diffusion filters?

Diffusion filters soften the image of today's high-res shots and create a pleasant filmic look, without defocusing the scene. At Schneider-Kreuznach we offer four different types of diffusion filters, each creating its own, unique effect.  

Most of the modern cine lenses produce high-res shots that show everything – every wrinkle, every pore. Diffusion filters smoothen fine details and add a subtle glow to highlights without making sacrifices to the overall sharpness of the image. 

Schneider-Kreuznach offers four types of diffusion filters. Classic Soft® filters create a precisely controlled softness that is overlaid on a sharp, in-focus image. Black Frost® flairs highlights and tones down contrast while retaining rich blacks. Hollywood Black Magic® combines both: It is the specialist for a pleasant filmic look and produces a constant smooth halation while maintaining rich blacks and colors. Radiant Soft® is Schneider-Kreuznach's skin enhancer that tones down imperfections and gives skin a soft glow. For more info, check our Factsheets below. 

All our Diffusion Filters are available in different strengths, given that both the focal length and the F-Stop affect the level of diffusion. Generally speaking, the longer the focal length and the more light on the subject the stronger is the effect of the filters. 

FX Anchor

Streak Effect Filters



  • For colored, anamorphic-like streak effects

  • Emanate symmetrically from point light sources

  • Rotatable mount

  • 2 colors: Clear and blue


  • 2 strengths: 1 mm (strongest effect), 2 mm

  • Available in round screw-in mounts 77mm & 82mm


True-Streak® Confetti

  • For random, multi-colored streak effects

  • Streaks vary in color, length, thickness and position. 

  • Emanate from bright light points

  • Every filter is unique


  • Available in round screw-in mounts 77mm & 82mm

What does a streak filter do?


Our award-winning True-Streak® filters create colored, anamorphic-like streak effects, which emanate from point light sources. These creative filters work with virtually any lens, whether anamorphic or not. 


Streak filters produce the effect of a scene or image that has been recorded with an anamorphic lens and then displayed using a complementary reverse projection lens. 

True-Streak® For symmetric wow effects. Fine, colored tubes within the filter's glass cause elongated streaks, which emanate symmetrically from point light sources like the sun, light bulbs or candles. These Streak filters are available in different colors and strengths for individual and controllable effects. The flares can also be influenced by rotating the filter's orientation. True-Streak® filters are creative tools to achieve outstanding imagery with stunning effects. 


True-Streak® Confetti For random, multi-colored streak effects. Small, multi-colored tubes are scattered randomly within the filter's layers (like confetti). They turn every filter into a unique one and produce random bursts of colors around point light sources. The streaks differ in length, thickness and position. True-Streak® Confetti is the perfect match for creative projects like music videos or concert footage. Depending on the lighting, it can go from subtle beauty to dramatic super pop. 

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