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Radiant white clouds against a deep blue sky or the deep colors of fall foliage don't happen by chance. B+W polarizing filters (polarizers for short) augment the purity of the intrinsic colors and increase color saturation and are among the most important filters for analog and digital photography.


Because the filter mounts rotate, the polarization effect can be visibly controlled in the viewfinder or on the monitor display. Another effect of the B+W polarizer is to reduce reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water, glass, and glossy paint. Objects and people behind surfaces such as shop windows and car windshields become visible again – a fascinating image enhancement without image processing!

B+W polarizing filters are circular polarizers which are compatible with nearly all modern cameras when beam splitters are used in the light path for TTL exposure metering or autofocus. Exposure errors are therefore avoided. The multiplying factor with HTC is 2 to 3, which is equivalent to 1 to 1.5 f-stops. Other polarizers up to approx. 3 stops. Often regarded as the most important filter for photography.


  • Reduces reflections from a variety of surfaces

  • Increases color saturation and contrast

  • Color-neutral to the optimum extent

  • Made in Germany


MASTER HTC-Pol Käsemann

Grease-free polarizing filter for easy rotation | Easier to attach due to new varnish technology | Durable and robust due to brass mount | For all lenses with front thread | Ideal for super wide angle to telephoto lenses | Made in Germany


MASTER mount filters are the premium filter we offer.  The new knurled edge allows an improved grip, making attachment and removal easier.  All Master filters include the MRC Nano coating and are suitable for both wide angle and telephoto lenses.

What makes the Master filter mount interesting?
• A revised rotating ring with an optimized design for better grip.
• Wide range of diameters and filter types available

• Mount is made of solid brass and has a special finish for smooth mounting and dismounting
• All MASTER filters are MRC NANO coated with 16x layers
• The plastic box is replaced with a sustainable cotton bag with drawstring.


Expected to ship in 2-3 weeks
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