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ND filters or neutral density filters are used if too much light restricts creative possibilities. They reduce the light in accordance with their density. They therefore allow longer exposure times or more widely opened apertures. Applications are highly varied and in some cases experimental.


For very bright motifs in the snow or on the beach the aperture would also have to be closed, despite minimum exposure time. This would mean losing the option of short depth of field, e. g. for portraits. ND filters can produce wipe effects in movements if the exposure time can be extended with the required aperture. A waterfall then no longer appears to be frozen, but as a flowing motion. ND filters create ingenious effects in architecture or urban photography. With long exposure times of several hours, people walking through the shot are blurred or not reproduced at all. 

The B+W ND filters are exclusively available in the premium MASTER mount with MRC Nano coatings, and suitable on lenses as wide as 10mm on an APS-C sensor.


Key applications

  • Reducing the amount of light entering the camera

  • Suitable for both analog and digital cameras

  • Selective sharpness by achieving larger apertures – ideal for portraiture

  • Long exposures producing a cotton candy effect on moving water and deserted streets void of people and cars

  • Wipe effects, continuous light trails

  • Made in Germany

Please note: ND filters must not be used for direct visual solar observation (risk of blinding). They let through UV- and IR-rays which harm the eyes.  Special sun filters for direct observation of the sun are available from astronomy suppliers.


ND 0.6 (802)

This B+W ND filter, which reduces the light by two f-stops, already shows a clear effect on your photographs such as requiring f/4 instead of f/8 for selective focus or 1/15 sec instead of 1/60 sec for a long exposure effect. The filter is color-neutral, and it should be part of any basic DSLR photography equipment kit.

ND 0.9 (803)

This B+W ND filter reduces the light by three f-stops and is particularly interesting for video when no suitable aperture can be selected in bright light or when a specific, small DOF is required. With this filter, distinct flow of water effect becomes apparent. The B+W 803 ND filter 0.9 is also ideal for shooting photos with a wipe effect.

ND 1.8 (806)

This B+W ND filter, which reduces light entering the camera by six f-stops, already qualifies as an extreme filter. With this filter, and without changing the aperture (and DOF), an exposure time of 1/60 s becomes a full second. Running water is rendered hazy and soft. A tripod is necessary in any case.

ND 3.0 (810)

With a light reduction of ten f-stops, this ND filter delivers a further intensification compared with the B+W ND 806. Running water virtually transforms into mist. People walking on streets become blurred and indistinct or even invisible. In some cases this involves extremely long exposures of up to one minute. A stable tripod is essential.


MASTER mount filters are the premium filter we offer.  The new knurled edge allows an improved grip, making attachment and removal easier.  All Master filters include the MRC Nano coating and are suitable for both wide angle and telephoto lenses.

What makes the Master filter mount interesting?
• A revised rotating ring with an optimized design for better grip.
• Wide range of diameters and filter types available

• Mount is made of solid brass and has a special finish for smooth mounting and dismounting
• All MASTER filters are MRC NANO coated with 16x layers
• The plastic box is replaced with a sustainable cotton bag with drawstring.


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