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A macro bellows for Fujifilm GFX mirrorless cameras which retains full electronic coupling of the camera and lens, providing open-aperture metering and auto diaphragm operation. Lenses can be used in normal or reversed position. For high macro magnifications beyond lifesize (1:1) reproduction, a bellows is the most flexible option, and the beauty of the NOVOFLEX BAL-FUG is that it doesn't need specialist lenses; a typical zoom will still produce excellent results, but reversed or macro lenses will enable even greater magnifications to be achieved.

Of course, the BAL-FUG automatic bellows unit is fully integrated into the NOVOFLEX adapter system and can also be used with other lenses for special applications.

Even those who prefer to work with manual lenses do not need to forego the NOVOFLEX automatic bellows unit, because, as usual with NOVOFLEX, the automatic bellows fits into the large NOVOFLEX modular system and can be combined with all kinds of NOVOFLEX accessories.

The function of a bellows device in general:

  • 1. Stepless extension = distance between sensor/film plane and lens (= image distance); thus format-filling photographing of smaller objects possible.
  • 2. With the Schneider Kreuznach lens Apo Digitar 4.5/90 step-less adjustment from infinity to 1:1 with 35mm camera.
  • 3. Telephoto lenses focus much closer than their near focusing range (without bellows); therefore tele-perspective in the close-up range and above all long working distance (no disturbance of the object, space for additional lighting).
  • 4. With standard- and especially wide-angle lenses (from the camera range) enlarged images = macro shooting; over 1:1
  • 5. On the tripod: a separate focusing rack (CASTEL series) is used to focus without changing the bellows extension (= frame size) or the tripod; i.e. the zone of sharpness can be adjusted, while the magnification remains constant.

Technical Specifications:
Size: h= 155mm, w= 135mm, l= 200mm
Min. Extension: 45mm
Max. Extension: 185mm

Examples of magnification factors that can be achieved with various Fujifilm GF lenses:

  • Fujifilm GF 50mm f/3.5R LM WR
    • achievable magnifcation factors: 1.5 - 4.4:1
  • Fujifilm GF 32-64mm f/4.0 R LM WR
    • achievable magnifcation factors: 1.2 - 4:1 (in reverse position on the bellows)
  • Fujifilm GF 45-100mm f/4.0 R LM OIS WR
    • achievable magnifcation factors: 0.59 - 3.6:1
  • Fujifilm GF 120mm f/4.0 R LM OIS WR Macro
    • achievable magnifcation factors: 0.5 - 2.9:1 (at full bellows extension and focus at near focusing range, working distance=still 13cm!)

Please note: For better presentation, our application images may contain some accessories such as cameras, lenses, etc. which is not included in the scope of delivery.

BAL/FUG Automatic Bellows for Fujifilm GFX

SKU: NX9009
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