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QPL-2 mounting plate sold separately.

Being the first focusing rack in a new and innovative compact design – the CASTEL-XQ II macro focusing rack is now available.
The CASTEL-XQ II being only 25cm (9.84 in) in length offers a camera movement of 37.5cm (14.8 in) thanks to the new and integrated Q=MOUNT XD cross quick-release. For the first time ever a 90°-cross mounting will be possible while utilizing only one quick-release and in combination with the CASTEL-XQ II this is the perfect tool for doing macro and stereo shots alike.
Macro lenses with tripod collar and cameras with mounted battery grips can now be turned from landscape to portrait orientation without having to buy additional spacer plates, etc. The use of the NOVOFLEX slide copying attachment CASTEL-COP DIGI is possible even so the mounting on top of already existing quick release units (UniQ/C (new standard) or ARCA-compatible) from NOVOFLEX and other manufacturers as well. When attaching a second focusing rack such as the NOVOFLEX CASTEL-L, CASTEL-Q or CASTEL-XQ II a cross focusing rack is available within seconds allowing for precise movement in 2 axes.


SKU: NX416
C$665.00 Regular Price
C$443.00Sale Price
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