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Panorama panning plate with laser-engraved scaling 0-360° and selectable click-stops (0, 6, 8, 10, and 12 steps). Features a ball-bearing which guarantees a neat and free of play operation.

Each panorama plate 6/8II is extremely narrow in order to not protrude into the picture and is equipped with an integrated, spirit level, which can also be seen from above. The front locking screw can be removed as required. In addition, it has a ball bearing, which guarantees a clean and play-free run, a 360° scale with 5° increments.


Technical specifications:

Scaling: 360° in 5° increments
Click stops: 360° = stepless, 60° = 6 clicks, 45° = 8 clicks, 36° = 10 clicks, 30° = 12 clicks
QR unit: Yes, Q=MOUNT - ARCA-compatible
Circular Spirit Level: Yes
Dimensions: 62x87mm (2.4"x3.4")
Height: 31mm (1.2")
Weight: 245g (8.6oz)
Tripod Connection: 1/4” resp. 3/8”
Camera Connection: QR plate

Panorama=Q 6/8 II

SKU: NX2404
SPECIAL ORDER - Expect 4-6 weeks for delivery
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