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Flash Gels Lighting Filter Kits
How are lighting gels typically used?


Colored lighting filters, or gels, are often used as accent lights, or to add dramatic color to backgrounds or selected portions of a scene for artistic effect.  Choose from a range of reds, yellows, blues, and greens to accent an image with color and create mood.  Or, improve your overall color balance with flash by using use the color correction gels to balance your flash to ambient light.


Image Copyright © 2013 George Suresh 


Image Copyright © 2013 Frank Doorhof

How are Rogue Gels labeled?

We print directly onto the gels to ensure you always know what gel you’re using.  Rogue Gels are individually labeled with the LEE Filter name of each gel and the gel’s measured f/stop loss value.  For ease of use, correction filters are also labeled with the Kelvin color temperature correction and corresponding camera white balance icon.


How do I attach Rogue Flash Gels to my flash?

You do not need to buy expensive or bulky gel holders, or use sticky hook-and-loop to attach Rogue Flash Gels to your flash.  Included with each kit is a tabbed silicone band which is used to quickly attach Rogue Flash Gels to any standard shoe mount flash.


1. Pull the tabbed silicone Rogue Gel-Band around your flash head.

2. Slip the tabbed ends of the Rogue Flash Gel under the Gel-Band on the flash head.

3. Rogue Flash Gels can be stacked on your flash to combine effects.

How Do I Use Color Correction Gels?

Color correction gels are used to improve overall color balance in an image by adjusting the color temperature of the flash to better match other ambient light sources.  To balance your flash to the dominant ambient light source in your scene:

  • Use CTO gels to color balance flash to incandescent, tungsten, or halogen ambient light sources.

  • Use CTB gels to color balance flash to shade, or blue sky ambient light sources.

  • Use Plus Green gels in combination with CTO gels to color balance flash to fluorescent ambient light sources.


Identify your light source, select the appropriate color correction gel(s), then attach the gel(s) to your flash.  It is important to then set a custom white balance, or set the camera to the same white a lance setting as shown on the attached correction gel.

Note:  When color balancing flash to fluorescent tubes, always set the custom white balance.  The nature of fluorescent lighting and the variety of fluorescent tubes requires an accurate custom white balance to consistently ensure good color balance in the image.


Images Copyright © 2013 David Guy Maynard

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