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Legacy Binoculars

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LynxAnchor 1


The Lynx HD is the best one can expect from all-round binoculars. With this instrument KITE combines optical performance and comfort at the highest level. No more disadvantages, only advantages.The Lynx HD is designed to meet the requirements of any type of usage, but specially any type of environment.For there is so much to see… The Lynx HD is compact, light and pleasant to hold. The extra-comfort eyecups, large focus wheel and soft rubber armour contribute even more to the ease of use and comfort of these binoculars. The Lynx HD becomes entirely amazing when one looks through them. The first thing that catches the eye is the extremely wide field of view of 151m/8x and 120m/10x.  The optical high-definition system delivers best resolution and contrast. Lenses and prisms are of highest quality and treated with KITE's latest technologies in coating, offering you brilliant colour reproduction and an exceptionally bright image.  The outer lens surfaces also feature KITE's new PermaVision coating which makes them dirt-and water repellent, but also much more resistant to scratches than conventional lenses. Because of the PermaVision coating lenses need a lot less maintenance and simply last much longer. But specially, they are always ready to look through regardless of circumstances.


  • Ultra light and compact

  • Unrivaled optical performance to dimension ratio

  • World leading field of view

  • HD optical system



  • Aluminum twist-up eyecups, self removable

  • Air-cell comfort eyecup

  • KITE MHR Advance + coating

  • Awarded world’s best compact class binoculars

  • Fully waterproof and nitrogen filled

  • 30y warranty

  • Includes lens covers, straps and pouch

Lynx HD Specs
Petrel anchor


Enter the professional level of binoculars. The PETREL is one of KITE’s best known models and has been around for many years. This instrument is all about the essence! Designed to be simple and light, yet extremely good. Mechanically it does not get better than this. The KITE PETREL outperforms the most expensive binoculars in the market when it comes to strength and durability. Use it every day, everywhere, in any condition, it will be a reliable companion for life. The rubber armor features a textured grip surface and thumb indents on the bottom for relaxed and stable viewing.  

  • Ultra light Slim and ergonomical design

  • One of the most durable binoculars in the world

  • aluminum twist-up eyecups

  • KITE MHR Advance coating

  • Fully waterproof and nitrogen filled

  • 30y warranty

  • including lens covers, straps and pouch

Petrel Specs
Toucan Anchor
Toucan Specs
Birdwatcher anchor


A slim and comfortable pair of binoculars, well armored with soft touch rubber. The high performing optical system is treated with KITE’s MHR coating, offering a brilliantly sharp and contrast rich image. The optics are housing in a magnesium aluminum chassis. Even the smallest internal components of the Toucan are made from lightweight metals that ensure the Toucan can easily live up to its extensive 30 years warranty. The outer lens surfaces are treated with KITE Permavision, a water and dirt repellent coating that will result in less cleaning and longer lens life.

  • Aluminum magnesium low weight chassis

  • 2 stage aluminum self-replacable and cleanable twist-up eyecups

  • PermaVision coating

  • natural rubber armouring

  • KITE MHR coating

  • Slim design

  • 30y warranty

  • including lens covers, straps and pouch


These high quality porro prism binoculars offer a combination of exciting specifications and performance. Because of the very wide angle and long eye relief, the lightweight Birdwatchers are excellent for spectacle wearers. This instrument is already popular for years with birdwatchers, but has also found many enthusiast in astronomy and marine activities. The Birdwatchers feature twist-up eye cups, fully multi-coated optics and wide band focusing.  

  • Exceptionally large field of view

  • Twist- up eyecup

  • KITE multi Coating ADVANCE +

  • Fully rubber armored body

  • Bright and natural image

  • Water resistant

  • 30 year warranty

  • including lens covers, strap and pouch

Birdwatcher Specs
Caiman Specs


KITE's entry model in the 42mm roof prism range. An easy to use all-round pair of binoculars, well built and designed for every-day and all-condition use. The Caiman offers an exceptionally wide field of view and allows focus from close to infinity in just 1.5 revolutions of the wheel. A well elaborated coating system allows the optics to provide excellent colour balance in its bright and sharp image.

  • Full aluminum low weight chassis

  • Aluminum self-replacable and cleanable twist-up eyecups

  • Extra protective rubber armouring

  • Up to 1.5m close and fast focus

  • Wide field of view

  • including lens covers, strap and pouch

Caiman Anchor
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